Here’s What to Do if Your AC Ins’t Working

When you’re having air conditioner problems, call a professional HVAC repair team. In the YouTube video, “A/C Not Working and Compressor Won’t Turn on,” Quality HVACR demonstrates a repair visit. The worker reminds us that while some problems may seem to be an easy fix, it’s best to call a professional.

Video Source

After the HVAC professional arrives at the client’s home, he will shut off the breaker. This action is mandatory, for safety. He will then go up to the outdoor air conditioner unit.

First, the worker will remove the back panel. He’ll then check the connection of all the wires and check the voltage level. After that, he will inspect the configuration of each part by reading a guide on the back panel.

The worker will then remove a cylindrical part from the side of the unit. He is able to discern the problem with this part. The worker then will obtain a duplicate of the defective part. Then, he will connect that new part to the unit.

After the new part is connected, the worker will attach its wires and screws it back onto the unit. The worker then checks the new power output. The back panel is reattached. The end of the video concludes by reminding homeowners that regular AC maintenance can detect problems before they occur.