How to Replace Reverse Osmosis Parts

Maintaining the efficiency of your under-the-counter Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is a breeze when you know how to replace its essential parts. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process, ensuring your water purification system functions at its best.

1. Changing Pre-Filters:

To replace pre-filters:

– Start by turning off the feed water line and tank ball valve.

– Release pressure by lifting the RO faucet lever.

– Using a wrench, open the filter housing and discard the old filter.

– Insert the new filter, ensuring a black bow ring is in place before securely tightening the housing with the wrench.

2. Four-Stage Membrane Replacement:

For those looking to replace the four-stage membrane, disconnect the red tubing, remove the membrane housing cap, and replace the membrane. Reconnect the tubing securely, ensuring a proper seal.

Video Source

If you’re also changing the fifth-stage post-carbon filter, follow the additional steps mentioned in the instructional video.

3. Fifth-Stage Post-Carbon Filter Replacement:

To replace the fifth-stage filter, disconnect the output tubing, remove the existing filter, and attach the new one with Quick Connect fittings. Ensure a secure connection by gently pulling on the tubing.

Investing in high-quality reverse osmosis replacement parts is key to maintaining the longevity of your commercial reverse osmosis system. Regularly replacing filters and membranes ensures your RO system operates efficiently, providing you with clean and pure water. You can purchase reverse osmosis replacement parts almost anywhere online