The Most Common Reasons Why Plumbers Get Called

Have you ever been curious about the most common calls plumbers get? The video explores the top five most common issues residential and commercial clients may experience. Additionally, this article delves into common plumbing issues that prompt people to seek the services of a professional plumber.

Common Plumbing Issues

Clogged drains are a common plumbing issue homes and businesses experience. These drains become clogged with food particles, hair, grease buildup, soap scum, and other debris. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, or utility room, the problem is much more frequent than most people realize.

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Leaky pipes and dripping faucets are two more frequent issues people experience. Pipes that leak can cause substantial damage to property walls, floors, and ceilings. This common problem may be due to corrosion, damaged seals, or loose fittings. Furthermore, dripping faucets increase water bills. It’s usually due to worn-out seals or washers.

Furthermore, running toilets is another common plumbing issue. It can lead to significant water loss, which may also increase your water bill. It’s usually due to a faulty flapper valve, fill valve, or overflow tube.

These are a few common issues that prompt people to contact plumbers for assistance. Your plumbing system is intricate and essential for your everyday life. Therefore, when you experience any of the problems listed in the article or discussed in the video, enlist the assistance of a qualified professional.