Gutter Guards What Are the Key Benefits?

A g Utter guard service is provided by a professional who installs gutter protection. This video highlights why homeowners may want gutter guards. Here are just a few of the key benefits.

Pest control is a primary reason to opt for gutter guards. Insects like wasps and ants, and even small mammals likemice and rats can be attracted by rotting debris in a gutter.

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Guards prevent this, helping keep homes pest-free.

Debris management is another important consideration. Just because a home isn’t near tall trees, it doesn’t mean dust, dirt, and litter can’t blow in on the wind. These items can block up gutters and downspouts, causing them to work inefficiently and even leading to water damage of the home.

Ultimately, gutter guards ensure that only water gets into gutters. They keep them free of dirt that can breed bacteria and cause unseemly stains. Guards can also prevent long-term damage to the gutter via a build-up of shingle grit or other abrasive substances.

Homeowners opt for a gutter guard service even if they don’t have trees or other plants that cause debris. Ensuring only water gets into gutters helps prevent blockages and pests. It could even prolong the life and curb appeal of a home.