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How to Get Rid of Your Tungsten Carbide

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Scrap carbide buyers

Tungsten carbide is actually a relatively expensive material, so recycling companies are often more than happy to pay for scraps of the material to recycle. Interestingly, carbide scrap prices can often be higher than one might think, so recycling carbide makes much more sense than simply throwing it away. Amazingly, in 2012, the ferrous scrap industry was valued at $30.1 billion in the United States alone.

Tungsten carbide is estimated to be two times stiffer than steel, according to Young’s Modulus. Therefore, it is highly valuable in a number of industries, so it’s not surprising that tungsten carbide scrap prices are often quite favorable to those who want to ge

Sleek, Modern Furniture Can Be Yours

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American leather furniture

There are a few lesser known facts about furniture that you may not know. Did you know that the first sofa originated in 2000 BC in Egypt? Or that the Egyptians also probably invented the first tables, using raised stone platforms to keep their food off the floor? It might also come as a surprise that Charles Darwin invented what is now known in modern furniture as an office chair. He put wheels on the bottom of his armchair so that he could roll around his office faster to look at all his specimens. In recent years, there was even an office chair race. In 2009, Bad Koenig-Zell, Germany, held the first German Office Chair Racing Championship. Out of the 70 races, only a few completed the 170 meter course.

Why are these facts important?

Aside from being fascinating, they give you an idea of how m