Sleek, Modern Furniture Can Be Yours

American leather furniture

There are a few lesser known facts about furniture that you may not know. Did you know that the first sofa originated in 2000 BC in Egypt? Or that the Egyptians also probably invented the first tables, using raised stone platforms to keep their food off the floor? It might also come as a surprise that Charles Darwin invented what is now known in modern furniture as an office chair. He put wheels on the bottom of his armchair so that he could roll around his office faster to look at all his specimens. In recent years, there was even an office chair race. In 2009, Bad Koenig-Zell, Germany, held the first German Office Chair Racing Championship. Out of the 70 races, only a few completed the 170 meter course.

Why are these facts important?

Aside from being fascinating, they give you an idea of how modern designer furniture has developed over the years. Many contemporary pieces of furniture have taken cues from historical structures, and have been tweaked for modern use. Modern designs are often more sleek, and have a minimalistic structure. This is true of the iconic Wassily chair that was created in 1925 by a German designer. Its bent tubular steel structure and canvas fabric for seating were revolutionary for the time. These pieces have translated well into contemporary designs for homes and offices because of their clean, linear structure.

If you want to buy contemporary furniture for your home or office, there are several different modern furniture brands you can choose from. Online modern furniture websites can offer you several options in design and material, such as wood or synthetics. You can pick the exact model you want, select your own fabric, and have it custom made for you. You do not even have to pick the furniture up or live anywhere near the manufacturer. They will ship the furniture to where you are.

You can also buy contemporary furniture from local retail stores, which might be more convenient. In either case, keep in mind that high end contemporary furniture can be extremely pricey. Just a sofa can set you back more than $5,000.

But if you can afford it, why not? And you will be able to furnish your home or office with some of the best, most comfortable furniture on the market. Read more blogs like this: