How to Get Rid of Your Tungsten Carbide

Scrap carbide buyers

Tungsten carbide is actually a relatively expensive material, so recycling companies are often more than happy to pay for scraps of the material to recycle. Interestingly, carbide scrap prices can often be higher than one might think, so recycling carbide makes much more sense than simply throwing it away. Amazingly, in 2012, the ferrous scrap industry was valued at $30.1 billion in the United States alone.

Tungsten carbide is estimated to be two times stiffer than steel, according to Young’s Modulus. Therefore, it is highly valuable in a number of industries, so it’s not surprising that tungsten carbide scrap prices are often quite favorable to those who want to get rid of their excess tungsten carbide. It actually is most often used in the production of cutting tools, because it is highly durable and extremely hard.

More often than not, people scrap old tools like steel saws with dull blades and dulled drill bits for extra cash. If you would rather sell carbide scraps to be recycled than throw them away, you should get in touch with metal recycling companies and see what they can do for you. It’s much better to get some cash for your extra materials than any other way of getting rid of them. Plus, recycling is good for the earth and beneficial to everyone involved.