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Flipping Your House How to Get the Most Out of Three Popular Remodeling Projects

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Kitchen remodeling

In addition to adding style and efficiency, a professional designer makes sure contractors and installers are scheduled in an orderly fashion

Since the burst of the housing market bubble in 2007, many homeowners have become increasingly aware of the fluidity of wealth as over three trillion dollars of value essentially vanished from the market. Although the market has made a strong recovery over the past few years, homeowners are rightfully on-edge for fear that the bubble could burst again. With so many homes on the market now, the housing market is more competitive than ever so many homeowners looking to sell are forced to distinguish their homes with renovations and other projects intended to help their homes stand out and to increase their value: here are three of the most popular home remodeling p

How to Prepare Your Home to Receive a Hurricane

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Preparation for a hurricane

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes then you will need to know how to prepare your home for a hurricane. Hurricanes can be very destructive, reaching up to 40,000 or 50,000 feet into the sky and presenting with wind speeds of up to 200 miles an hour. Preparing your home for a hurricane is very important having the knowledge is imperative to protecting yourself and your family should you encounter one of these storms. Here are a few ideas for how to prepare your home for a hurricane.

Pre storm preparation
First of all, all your preparations and protection methods should be done before you ever even hear of hurricane watch being issued. If you wai

Getting Your AC Unit Ready for the Summer

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Hvac service

Spring is finally here, and summer will be here before we even know it. Summer brings vacations, fun and heat. The heat of summer can be exciting at first, but then it can become overwhelming. This is especially true in hotter states, such as many of the southern states. Many of these states, such as Florida are affected by extremely high temperatures, making living and being outdoors very uncomfortable. Air conditioning units provide relief and make homes a source of shelter and comfort during very high temperatures.

Two thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. Some of these air conditioning units are outdated and do not work properly. Many of them have skipped their yearly maintenance dates. Most air conditioning units require service prior to being used full time. High summer temper