Get the Most Out of Your Basement Finishing Project with These Tips

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Are you considering a home remodleing project? Are you looking to refo your basement?Do you want to make it into a family or game room? Many people like to trun their basement into a liveable space. If you are thinking about a basement finishing project, these tips can help you make it go smoothly.

Tips for a Basement Finishing Job:

Make sure it is dry.The first thing any homeowner needs to do with their basement remodeling job is make sure the area is dry. If you have any issues with water in your basement, it is absolutely essential that you deal with them before you start a basement refinishing project. Before you start to remodel the basement, check for water damage, inspect the areas around your foundation and make any repairs that are needed. Fixing a leak can also save you money on your water bills. It has been esitmated that at least 10% of all homes in the United States waste more than 90 gallons of water a day through leaks and fixing them can cut water bills but about 10%.

Get any permits that you need.Check with your locall government to find out if you need special permits to remodel your basement. Remember that you will also need to have any electrical or plumbing work inspected. If you are including a new bathroom in your basement, it will need to be inspected. At the very least, you should know what the rules are in this area.

Keep the moisture level down with a vapor barrier.Even after you have dealt with any water issues you found before you started your basement finishing project, the chances are that it is still a damp place. You can cut down on the moisture in your basement ;by adding a vapor barrier to the walls and the floor. The area around your basement is damp most of he time. You want to keep that moisture out of your home. To see what amount of moistire you are dealing with, put up the barrier a few days before you want to intall new walls and flooring. Check the barrier a few days after you put it in to see how much moisture is coming in. Also, leave some space between your barrier and the walls and flooring. This will add a little more protection from the moitsure that wants to invade your home.

Insulate the walls.Putting insulation in the walls during your basement refinishing project will help keep the space comforable for you and your guests and also gives another layer of protection against moisture. When you check with your local government about the building codes, ask about any that apply to insulation issues.

Consider baseboard heating units.As you know, hot air rises. One way to effectively and efficiently heat your basement is by installing heating units along the baseboards. If your basement is not already hooked into your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, this might be a more cost effective way to heat that part of your home.

Maximize your space with built in sheves and storage areas.This is a good way to use the space in your basement and turn that into a room the entire family can enjoy.

Consider using carpet.When you think about your basement refinishing project, think about what kind of flooring you want to put in. Basement floors tend to be colder than the other floors in a home. One way to change that is to install wall to wall carpet in the basement. This will keep everyone’e feet warm and cozy.

Home remodeling projects can be a lot of fun and always add value to a house. For example, even the most modest kitchen renovation has a return on investment of nearly 83%. When you do a full basement refinishing project, it is like you are adding a room on to your home. Whether you are redoing the basement to create a man cave or create a fun family room, you can find great ways to use the space and enlarge your home.

Basement finishing projects are only limited by your imagination. You can turn a space that was used for storage into a space for your whole family to enjoy.