6 Reasons to Pick Composite Manhole Covers Over Traditional Ones


Buying manhole covers may not be the reason peope go into govenment work but making sure they are durable and safe is an important job. Problems can cause the manhole covers to burst. When this happens, it is called a “manhole event.” In the summer months, when more electricity is being used for air conditioning cities ilke New York City report more of these events. These can range from a few puffs of smoke coming from the manhole cover to a full blowm explosion that send the disc like objet flying through the air. If you are looking to purchase new covers, composite manhole rings and covers can be a great alternative to other options.

6 Reasons to Buy Composite Manhole Rings and Covers:

  1. They are harder to steal.andnbsp;Manhole covers theft is a common problem around the world. In Calcutta, India, during one two month period, more than 10,000 were stolen The city then replaced them with concrete replacement manholes but these were also taken. Authorities believe the thefts were for the rebar inside the manhole covers. Because there is no metal in the composite manhole rings and covers, they are less attractibe to criminals. There is zero scrap value for this type of manhole cover.
  2. They are more likely to stay put.andnbsp;Theft is only one of the things that carries manhole covers away from where they are supposed to be. Whereas other covers can pop off,andnbsp;composite manhole rings and covers are more likley to sraty in place. Storms, flooding, sewer backups and even trucks can cause the manhole cover to pop out of place. This can be dangerous and costly. When the cover is missing, all sorts of things can fall into the sewer system. This can include children and animals or debris.
  3. Composite manhole rings and covers can handle more weight.These manhole covers and rings are ratd for traffic and can withstand more weight than other kinds of manhole covers. These manhole covers can accomodate vehicles that weigh up to 30% more than other kinds of covers. This is especially good for cities and areas with a lot of traffic or for roads that are used by a lot of heavy trucks.
  4. Composite manhole rings and covers are more durable.Some climates are really hard on manhole covers. Wastewater and sewer systems can be home to a number of corrosive substances that can do a lot of damage to traditional manhole covers. Those made out of compostite materials are better able to withstand such harsh conditions.
  5. Using these kinds of manhole covers eliminates foul odors.Sewer systems are known for being home to some pretty nasty smells. Many people complain of the smell being like rotton eggs. Compostite manhole rings and covers are made to provide a tighter seal that keeps the foul smells from escaping the sewer system. This is the reason that people who manage high end resorts and other similar establishments have used composite manhole rings and covers for years.
  6. Their use saves money and energy.Well made composite manhole rings and covers should last at least 30 years. Because they require less maintenance than other manhole covers, they are easier and cheaper to install and maintain. Because they need less maintenance, staff spend less time dealing with them and that saves money.

Most people do not give any thought at all to the manhole covers in their cities or towns until something goes wrong. A few years ago, several manhole cover explosions were reported in Washington, DC. These were caused by a problem with the sewer system there. Luckily, no one was injured. The explosions were in the heavily populated and popular Georgetown area. The consolidated Edison Company reported 3,369 manhole events in 2014 in New York City. Of these events, 32 were explosions. While these events are not all that common, they do have the potential to be very dangerous if not deadly.

Finding alternatives to traditional covers, such as using composite manhole rings and covers, can do a lot to save money, time and energy while providing safer covers for manholes around the world. Nothing can prevent all problems from happening but making sure the covers are as safe as possible is a good step to take.