Three Ways to Hurricane Proof Your Home

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Hurricanes seem to make landfall in the United States with ever increasing frequency. Homeowners in areas that are impacted by these storms are left with the proposition of losing their homes and the financial investment they have made or trying to offset the potential damage these storms can inflict. For those homeowners, here are three ways to storm proof a home that are particularly useful for hurricanes.

  1. Impact Windows: Objects picked up by hurricane force winds can hit your house like shot from a cannon. If that object hits a window, anything or anyone behind that window must withstand the force combined with flying shards of glass. To avoid the potential fatalities that can result from such incidents, impact-resistant windows can be installed. Those that remember the first examples of this type of window can be forgiven for not comprehending the benefits of modern versions. In new examples, Category 5 winds are used regularly in testing, and impact windows withstand such abuse well.

    If you cannot install impact windows, consider installing shutters on the exterior of your home. These can also greatly reduce the danger of glass during a storm, and prevent damage.
  2. Examine the Garage Door: This is a notoriously weak point in the home during a hurricane. If the garage door collapses in the face of the storm, the winds can enter the home and take off the roof. To prevent this, reinforce the garage door or ensure there is another, storm grade door to service as a secondary barrier.
  3. Hurricane Doors: The doors to examine here first includes the glass doors, such as french doors or sliding patio doors, that likely will need impact window glass installed. Second, consider an upgrade to your traditional wood doors as well. A steel front door not only adds a layer of protection, it also boasts the highest return on investment of all home improvement projects, with a return of 98%.

Hurricanes will never be safe or stress-free events, and nothing will completely ensure your home will not be damaged. However, with these home improvements completed, your home will be in a much better position to safely weather the storm.