What To Consider When Choosing A Window Treatment

Updated 3/24/2022

Installing windows becomes vital for your home when you consider proper treatment. As a homeowner, you can make the place more functional by learning more about window treatments. Before visiting the window treatments store near you, make sure you gather relevant information and seek guidance. Besides improving your home’s privacy, effective window treatment can increase its comfort and functionality.

As you weigh your options on window treatments, be keen on your family’s needs. Do you want treatment at every window in the home or specific locations? Note that the answer you get to this question will influence your budget and decision to consider the best inexpensive window treatments. Ensure you understand your home’s needs to decide on a custom shade among the available options. Visit and compare different stores near you before deciding on the window treatments that suit your needs.

Also, learn the different types of window treatments that can suit your needs to make informed choices. Gather information on bedroom blind ideas to increase your home’s privacy, ambiance, and functionality. Also, seek professional guidance when choosing bathroom blinds and shades to avoid mistakes that might compromise your efforts. While window treatment is paramount to your home, making mistakes is easy without information and proper guidance.

From custom plantation shutters to draperies, there are a variety of window treatments available and on the market. While custom plantation shutters may be the ideal window treatment for one home, it could look completely out of place on another. The same is true for all kinds of window treatments, which means that it is important to do your research on all of your window treatment options, from custom plantation shutters to cellular shades, before making a final decision and purchase.

Window treatments are a popular expense in the United States, with more than one hundred and fifty million different window treatments shipped domestically every single year. From plantation shutters to cellular shades, there are a number of benefits to purchasing a window treatment and a reason that window treatments are such a popular item in the United States and even around the world.

For instance, window treatments can actually prevent up to ten percent of heat loss during the winter months and medium to light colored draperies are able to prevent heat gains by as much as thirty three percent during and throughout the summer. This means that a considerable amount of energy is saved from being expended by whatever HVAC system a household employs, having a positive impact on both the environmental footprint of a household as well as reducing costs on their monthly energy bill. Adding on a window attachment can help to save energy as well by improving the overall performance of windows and cellular shades in particular can save a household nearly five hundred dollars in one calendar year.

From plantation shutters to draperies, all window treatments will eventually need to be replaced. However, if you buy a high quality window treatment and care for it diligently, it is likely that your window treatment could last for as long as twenty years. However, it is much more common for window treatments to be replaced every seven to eight years, as is the average for a typical household with window treatments in the United States.

Picking out a window treatment, from draperies to plantation shutters, can be an exciting process. After all, window treatments can greatly affect the overall feel and atmosphere of a room, and the length of your drapes in and of itself can impact whether a room feels casual (with the drapes just touching the floor) or more dramatic (allowing the drapes to rest more fully on the floor). Your window treatment, depending on the type, can actually help to save you money as well, reducing how hard your HVAC system needs to work in order to keep your house cool in the summertime and warm during the winter months. This can lead to a significant amount of money saved throughout the year on your energy bills alone.

Overall, new window treatments such as plantation shutters can have a hugely positive impact on your home, from energy conservation to atmosphere.