Simple Yet Important Tips to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Bathroom Design and Remodeling


Can you feel that spring is in the air? You may feel a sense of restless eagerness after a winter of cabin fever and are ready to get a head start on your spring cleaning and remodeling projects. Now is a great time to do so if you haven’t already, as spring and summer are the busy times for both contractors and homeowners in terms of home improvement and remodeling projects such as kitchen design and remodeling, bathroom design, closet solutions, and overall home remodeling. So the real question is; are you ready?

Nowadays, more and more American homeowners are choosing to improve the homes they’re already living in rather than move to a new one. This is perhaps just one of many lasting legacies left behind by the financially draining Great Recession of the mid 2000’s, which left many once secure and successful Americans without jobs and homes. Although both the real estate and job markets have since recovered from the devastating financial blows they were dealt during this time, the lasting ripple effect saw many Americans either downsizing or staying put in the homes they already have. As a result, it seems that the American homeowners are now more than happy to be apart of this renovation nation.

Because of this new found sentiment, the home improvement and remodeling industry is booming. In 2012, the American home improvement and repair expenditure topped 284 billion dollars! This should come as no surprise, considering the number of reality home improvement shows that are currently running on cable television. Many of these shows are geared towards weekend warriors and do-it-yourselfers, but many also feature well known and respected general contractors and home improvement gurus that offer up expert advice on a variety of popular home improvement and remodeling topics such as bathroom design, flooring options, and more.

Within the home improvement industry, kitchen and bathroom design are among the most common home remodeling projects and its easy to see why; those are where the most time is spent in a home, believe it or not! But although you may be eager to dive head first in your kitchen or bathroom design project, it’s important to realize that there are some electrical and plumbing projects that should never be attempted by even the most experienced weekend warriors, so hiring a general contractor, electrician, or professional plumber is a must.

But wait. Not so fast! Before you just hire any ol’ Joe-Schmoe as your general contractor to bring your kitchen and bathroom design ideas to life, it’s important to pump the brakes and really take the time to hire the right person for the job. At one point or another, everyone has heard a story or two about an unsuspecting homeowner who falls victim to a shady, unlicensed, and unprofessional general contractor who left the job half done or was simply a nightmare to work with. Don’t let that happen to you!

Finding a licensed home improvement professional is kind of like dating; you really want to make sure you know who you’re inviting in your home. After all, there could be some serious safety consequences if the person you hire for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project doesn’t perform the electrical or plumbing work properly. Perhaps the best way to begin your search for a professional home improvement contractor is to ask around. Yup, word of mouth is still a great way to find a home improvement professional that you can trust. You may even feel more comfortable and at ease working with a professional that was recommended to you by a family member, friend, or neighbor that you know and trust.

But for as helpful as word of mouth can be, you don’t always have to take their word for it! Be sure to follow up these leads by doing your own research and cross referencing everything. You can check business ratings with the BBB and the status of a contractor’s professional license with your state. Never have an unlicensed professional perform work in your home! You’ll regret it later.