How Much Should I Spend on Repairs to My New Home? Why Metal Roofing Could Save You Money

At one point, you might ask: are aluminum roofs good? There are many high-quality aluminum roofing manufacturers, and many roofing professionals think aluminum roofs are some of the best roofs available today. The aluminum roof vs shingles cost can sometimes change the situation, however. If you’re having an ‘aluminum roof vs shingles’ debate, you should certainly consider the installation costs before contacting a roofer.

The aluminum roofing materials will sometimes cost twice as much as the asphalt roofing shingles. You might only pay slightly more for an aluminum roof in some cases. However, the aluminum roof will almost always be the more expensive option if you primarily focus on the initial installation costs.

It’s also true that the aluminum roof will typically experience fewer issues than the roof made with asphalt shingles. Your roofing repair costs could eventually be higher if you decide on an asphalt shingle roof instead of an aluminum roof or other metallic roof. The metallic roofs will typically have notably long lifespans as roofs. It may be more convenient to choose the metallic aluminum roof, since you won’t have to worry about fixing these potentially expensive problems. Still, you certainly aren’t guaranteed to have asphalt roof shingle problems.

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One of the most important factors for home buyers to consider while they are in the process of searching for the ideal house is the potential cost of repairs. Home repair experts recommend that home buyers plan to spend 4% of the value of their new home on repairs each year. A $250,000 home, for example, could cost owners up to $10,000 every year; home buyers should also be aware that when they contract for home inspections in advance of their purchase, the inspection may not be required to address their homes’ sewer connections with city sewer lines.
Home improvement contractors typically recommend that home owners have their roofs and gutters inspected for leaks and thoroughly cleaned at least once per year. Inside the home, heating and cooling systems should be inspected two or three times per year, and filters should be changed periodically as well. Homeowners who learn to replace their HVAC systems’ filters could save money, but there is no replacement for a professional examination of furnaces and ductwork.
Looking for a solid ROI, or return on investment, an increasing number of American homeowners are investing in metal roofing, which is available in both smaller blocks of shingles and in larger sheets. Copper roofing is often made from a high percentage of recycled metal, and given the material’s durability, can be an excellent choice for both commercial and residential properties. Upgrading to a metal roof can work to minimize or eliminate water leaks and damage due to high winds or extreme weather: metal roofs do not require as much maintenance as asphalt shingles, and consistently last more than three decades.
Water damage to a home can be expensive, and home buyers who live in states that have extreme weather — high winds, heavy snow, or periodic flooding — are looking for metal roofs because they offer more protection from the elements. Water damage repair costs average more than $5,000 and must include professional water removal, and wind damage can go as high as $10,000. Metal roofs can work to prevent heavy damage from high winds, and some metal roofs are built to withstand winds up to 140 miles per hour.

Residential metal roofing material can, by itself, lower the cost of cooling a home by as much as 20%, a potential savings of thousands of dollars every year depending upon the size and location of the home. There are certain metal roofing supplies that come with a special rating, indicating that they reflect more heat than the average roofing panel. In areas of the country where the temperature can climb well above 100 degrees on a sunny day, having a metal roof that is highly reflective can drastically reduce the cost of cooling the home.
Another reason that homeowners are considering metal roofing supplies is their symbiotic relationship with solar panels: metal roofing reflects the sun, and new, thinner solar panels get a functional boost from being next to the reflective metal roof products. Home design and repair experts can advise home and business owners regarding the installation of custom metal roofing, and local metal roofing suppliers are happy to meet and discuss historically-accurate roofing shingle or panel designs and installation for older homes.

Metal roofing supplies typically come in either flat panels or in smaller squares that have been manufactured to look like shingles. The good news for homeowners is that metal roofing shingles come in a wide variety of styles, and can mimic overlapping clay tiles, wooden “shake” tiles, or even traditional slate tiles. Almost half of a home’s heat is lost through the attic or top floor, and homeowners consistently report that they like the look of metal roofing supplies online. Finding the right style to complement a home’s exterior can take a bit of research, but investing in high-quality roofing materials — and having them regularly inspected, even in the absence of any leakage — can help new homeowners find a significant ROI on the most important investment of their lives.