What’s on Top of Your House Makes All the Difference

Wisconsin metal roofing

Ever since Humankind began building structures to keep themselves safe from the elements and other intrusions, the question of what material is best used for the roof has been debated again and again. Depending on where your dwelling dwells, different materials might seem to be better suited to the environment and the dangers that may befall it. Weather patterns, tree and branch problems, and even animal issues could put your home’s roof in danger. When considering your roofing choices today, taking a look at metal roofing could lead you to the best choice of them all. Metal roofing can save you money, will last much longer than asphalt and other roofing material, and is a better alternative for the environment.

Metal roofing is nothing new, but the materials have been honed and fashioned to be far superior to other roofing materials. Of the metal roofing materials available, the two most common are aluminum and steel. A roofing contractor who works with these two metals every day can help you decide which one would be the right fit for your home. When comparing metal roofing to other types of roofing material, even the most expensive types of metal roofing like copper, zinc, or stainless steel, will still cost about 30% less than slate or tile roofing. In addition to the initial savings, a residential metal roof can save you as much as 25% off of your yearly electric bill.

Once a metal roofing contractor installs your new metal roof
, the chance of you needing another one before you die is very slim. You can expect your metal roof to last upwards of 50 years or more, with proper maintenance. Some of the steel roofing, when it is coated with aluminum-zinc alloy, can last for up to 100 years. If that’s not a heck of a buy, then what is?

In addition to costing less money and lasting longer than other roofing materials, metal roofing is also better for the environment. Metal, as you are surely aware, is recyclable, and using recycled metal for new roofing material is a common practice. New metal roofs will contain about 30% to 60% recycled material. When you sleep underneath a new metal roof, you can rest assured that you’re being kind to the planet while dreaming of all sorts of lovely dreams.

A roofing contractor who offers you the option of metal roofing is one who knows her trade very well. She knows how long it lasts, that she’s saving you money and that the environment is breathing more easily because you’re opting for material that has been reclaimed for a brand new purpose. It’s getting a second go around as a material that protects and lasts for a very long time. Metal roofing even looks beautiful. Asking your roofing contractor about the different color schemes they have available. You’re roof could end up being the envy of the entire neighborhood.