4 Tips and Tricks on How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

Ductless heating and air conditioning

Summer is here, so it is time for sweltering days and sticky nights. That is, unless you have an an air conditioner in your HVAC system! It is important to provide the proper maintenance to your heating and air conditioning systems so they do not break when you need them the most. So in order to prevent a catastrophe from happening, here are four tips and tricks on how to get your air conditioning unit ready for summer use!

1. Keep the filters clean

In order to keep dust and debris from entering your home and causing allergies and infections, it is vital to change the filters every other month. If you do not, the air flow will be restricted and you will not be getting the most out of your air conditioner.

2. Clean the outside condenser

Because the condenser is outside, it comes in contact with all the elements and will need to be cleaned regularly. To do this use the vacuum to remove any dirt from the outside, straighten the fins with a butter knife, and then remove the fan from the top. Remove any leaves, grasses, and dirt from the inside, and then use your hose to clean the fins from the inside. After you clean the unit, make sure to leave a clear path of at least two feet around the entire box.

3. Check the coolant lines

The refrigerant tubes are lined with foam coolant to prevent them from loosing energy. If you see any areas that are missing or frayed, make sure to replace them immediately. If you do not, this can cause a leakage or malfunction of the HVAC system.

4. Test the unit

Before you turn on the unit for the season, make sure to test it properly to ensure it works. If there is a problem, you may have to invest in heating and air conditioner repair to make sure you stay cool!

If you have any questions on the maintenance or repair on heating and air conditioning units, there are many HVAC companies who are there to help you with any needs you may have! Contact them today and you will be staying cool all summer long!