Grow Your Green Thumb and Try Your Hand at Gardening!

High quality garden hose

We’ve all seen those beautiful houses with elegantly landscaped yards and gardens and had a pang of envy. But you could have that too! Being a devoted gardener may actually prove to be pleasant and relaxing for you and you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your yard transformed. You’re also sure to be the envy of all your neighbors and friends. Gardening is excellent exercise at well and takes a key aesthetic eye and the willingness to put in some hard work. However, in many cases, you don’t even need special products or outrageously expensive gear to be a home gardener and make a beautiful yard. A sprinkler, a water hose (whether it’s a heavy duty water house or a lightweight hose), some bags of mulch and dirt, some gardening gloves, and a shovel, and you’re well on your way! There are also plenty of online resources and home improvement magazines devoted to gardening and you’re sure to find inspiration and tips and tricks there as well.
Let’s Talk About Your Hose
If you live in a drier area, watering your plants or your yard can be of utmost importance. You don’t want to have gone to all this trouble to create a beautiful landscape, just to have it dry up and wither away. Luckily, a good quality garden house should last you anywhere from five to ten years, so it shouldn’t be an investment you have to make often. They come in varying lengths (from 25 feet to 100 feet) and most garden or utility hoses have diameters between a half inch and three-quarters of an inch.
If you’re going to water your lawn, you want to shoot for about one inch per watering session, say experts, which takes just a little over a half gallon per square foot. (Of course, this is great if you have a small yard; for bigger lawns, you may want to choose specific areas, especially if you’re in a drought warning and your water usage is restricted.) For the best lawn watering using a sprinkler system, you should give yourself about an hour to ninety minutes worth of time. Try and choose a soaker hose that’s not more than 100 feet long, and for a hose with a burst pressure that’s over 350 psi for best results.
Where Do I Start With Planting?
Think about what you want, first of all. Do you want to focus on just a flower garden? A couple beds by your front door? Hanging plants? Or are you interested in putting in vegetable and herb gardens as well? It of course depends on how much space you have; you don’t want your yard to feel cramped and cluttered, and gardens do require a certain amount of upkeep. While devoted gardeners can easily tackle multiple garden beds in a day, it can be a challenge for a less enthusiastic gardener to get out there, and the goal is to create a manageable and beautiful outdoor area for yourself, not to stress yourself out!
You can of course, ask for help from more devoted gardeners, who have a lot of experience. Asking for help at your local greenhouse can also be great — they can direct you towards more shade-loving or sun-loving plants or help you come up with a good color scheme to match your house and existing landscaping. They may also direct you towards plants that don’t need a lot of water if you’re in a dry area, and help your landscaping blend in with the overall environment.
What Are Some of the Benefits of Gardening?
As any devoted gardeners will tell you, there’s a simple joy to being out in the fresh air with your hands in the dirt, and planting life and color. Some use it as way to relax or give back to the community by beautifying their surroundings. Your hand strength and dexterity may also be improved if you continue to garden a good amount. You also get some exercise, learn how to nurture and cultivate living things, and can find a community of gardeners in your neighborhood as well!