The Beauty of Acoustical Accent Clouds Ceiling

Decorative laminate

Acoustical Accent Clouds are specially designed ceiling boards artistically built to provide fresh architectural design goals alongside other features like noise reduction and increase speech intelligibility. This ceiling clouds come in various designs, shapes, colors, thickness and prices tags for diverse specific needs. In adding visual beauty and a creative ceiling finish, accent clouds utilizes noise and reverberation reduction in its concept design. Primarily, acoustic ceiling products are installed in specific locations on the roof where acoustical control is needed.

Most acoustical accent clouds can be inserted vertically or horizontally to achieve your desired look. You can also choose to have a custom message, print or patterns engraved on fabric that define and tune your space accordingly, or have a custom size and shape, or a complete finish on fabric covers. Normally, cloud ceilings are used in restaurants, atriums, libraries or auditoriums to offer an acoustical modern appearance.

Among various acoustic building products, cloud ceiling is probably the most popular. They need no special handling as they are made to withstand rough handling. Basically, they are indestructible. They are easy to install and improve acoustic qualities by far.
Some examples of acoustical accent clouds are:
1.Ceiling Cloud Type I
This type is crafted for a versatile range of use especially in places requiring excellent acoustical. This one has molded fiberglass layer and its edges are resin reinforced.
2.Ceiling Cloud Type II
For a superb acoustical absorption, this kind of accent ceiling will do the work efficiently.
3.Curved Reflective Ceiling Clouds
This is another type of acoustic ceiling product ideal for robust architectural design elements and some acoustic reflection. It also has a gel coat finish option.
4. Flat Ceiling Clouds
Areas or places requiring tunable
reflection will find this accent cloud very useful, they are commonly used in auditoriums and theaters in helping sound optimization. It’s really great for a play and production environment.

Acoustic ceiling panels are also a great way to control sound and noise reduction in a room. But they are on competing terms with accent cloud ceilings which have proved to deliver quality performance over the years. Both of this acoustic ceiling products are transforming the finish work that was used to be done on ceilings as they maximize sound quality and glance in your residence. Most of the accent ceiling material are classified as Class A in fire rating, meaning they have high resistance to heat and fire.