3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in Window Installation

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Are you looking into residential window replacement? Well in order to get the best windows possible for your home, you will need to keep a few things in mind.

Know what you are getting yourself into when it comes to energy efficiency

Everyone nowadays is concerned with energy efficiency and their carbon footprint. But, do you know exactly what this means? You will want to in order to know what you are investing in, as the best windows for your home save both money and emissions! In general, the following things are included in an energy saving rating.

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: How much heat the window brings in. You will want to look for a low number, as the lower the number, the less warmth that will be entering your home, and the less you will have to cool your home.
  • Visible Transmittance: How much light does the window allow into your home? After all, what is a window if you can’t fill your home with bright sunshine?
  • Air Leakage: Does your window leak air? Are there any joints or cracks on the sides and the bottom?
  • Condensation Resistance: The ability of the window to resist condensation and foggy buildup.

Look around your home

Surprisingly enough, you may be able to lower your energy bills by just using your natural landscaping to your advantage! Do you have trees planted that can block the sun? This will cool your home so you may not need energy efficient windows all over your home.

What kind of window do you want?

Different window frames function differently and you will need to determine what kind of window you need before window installation starts. Depending on your needs, you may want vinyl or wood windows. In general, vinyl frames are the least expensive and the most energy efficient but will give you a thicker frame which may not be ideal for your residential windows.

Aluminum frames are thin and durable and are a cost-effective option for your home windows. But on the other hand, fiberglass frames are thin and energy efficient but have a higher price tag than traditional options.

Keep these facts in mind and your window installation will go by smoothly!