Ensure Your Lawn’s Health with Organic Lawn Care Services

Organic lawn care round lake

If you’re in the process of having your home landscaped, you may be interested in knowing that your property value can be further increased when you include turfgrass. A recent survey showed that when homes had well-designed and maintained landscapes that included turfgrass, the value was increased by 15% to 20%.

Whether you’re landscaping to sell your home or to enjoy your outdoor spaces for years to come, you may realize that it would be beneficial to hire a lawn care service. When you choose lawn care services that are also environmentally responsible, such as those that provide organic lawn care, then your overall landscape will be even healthier and more beautiful.

Were you aware, for example, that healthy lawns can prevent run-off during the rainy season? Furthermore, when you have turfgrass installed, it can assist with controlling pollution. This is because turfgrass has the ability to trap the dust and dirt that is prevalent within the environment and atmosphere.

When you have a healthy front lawn, it can also provide a cooling effect. This translates to approximately 3 to 4 tons of air conditioning. If up to 8 houses in your neighborhood also have healthy front lawns, the combined effect is equivalent to 70 tons of air conditioning.

Environmentally responsible lawn care services don’t use pesticides or herbicides which are both known to adversely affect air, ground, and water quality. Furthermore, these toxic chemicals are also known to cause harm to earthworms and other wildlife.

The “Nutrient Management for Lawn Service Companies,” which was published by the Virginia Cooperative Extension, reported that some fungicides and pesticides can have disastrous results on the earthworm population. When earthworms are directly exposed to these toxic substances, between 60% to 90% of their population can be decimated. In some instances, there may be an even larger population decimation.

Throughout the United States, and on an annual basis, there are close to 70 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides used on lawns. In order to prevent these toxic chemicals from entering the environment, organic lawn care services are the more environmentally conscious choice.