Homes, New Build Versus Buying Used

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The home buying process is supposed to be at least a little entertaining. You have the ability to visit numerous houses, evaluating them for your current needs. However, the fun value of the home buying process tends to wear off quickly, when you are unable to find anything that meets your housing needs. When you view numerous houses and are unable to find anything that meets your needs, it may be time to consider building. Building a house provides you many benefits, including the ability to purchase exactly what you want.

You do not have to pick and choose housing requirements
The home buying process is often about choosing which housing requirements are most important to you. The requirements that are lower on the list are usually given up eventually. You may find a house that has the number of bedrooms needed, but have to give up on the basement, or the size of the yard. What if you could have every single housing requirement on your list? If you hire a residential construction company and have your home built, you can. You can specify how many bedrooms, bathrooms, the layout of the house, the backyard size, and even the specific materials and designs that are used throughout the home.

Completely move in ready
Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of building a home from scratch is that you do not have to worry about home repairs or home remodeling. Many buyers move into a house, planning to make renovations or updates within the next few years. Housing and condo remodeling can get very expensive and can be inconvenient. For example, completing a single hardwood floor installation project can leave you unorganized and unable to use your main living space for many weeks. Over half (54%) of future buyers are willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors. When building, however, you can have the general contractors install the hardwood floors during the build. Additionally, a surprising 35% of remodeling jobs involved the whole home (i.e. whole home renovations). Whole home renovation jobs are usually very expensive.

Less chance of housing emergencies
Many housing emergencies arise from existing problems with the house that the owners are unaware of. Perhaps the plumbing has not been inspected for many years and a tree root grows into it, causing a complete flooding backup. When you purchase a used house, you are not always aware of the history of the house. When everything in the house is brand new, however, there is less chance of experiencing these types of housing emergencies. Currently, water damage and mold cost the insurance industry $2.5 billion dollars per year. Further prevent flooding and water damage by having your residential construction company implement water proofing throughout the basement.

Up to date materials
Over time, preferred materials used in remodel projects change. Older methods are considered outdated, and may be required to be replaced for safety reasons. Plumbing is a common issue. Many of the country?s homes currently have extremely outdated plumbing systems. They contain rust and lead materials, and if ingested, can be very dangerous. Having a house built new ensures that all of your housing materials are new and up to code. You can prevent having to replace expensive materials throughout the house. Work with your residential construction company on the specific types of materials you would like to use in your house build.

House shopping is not the best experience for everyone. When you have a long list of housing requirements, you may be required to let some of them go. Even though you are making a huge investment, you are still unable to purchase a home that exactly meets your needs. If you find that you are giving away too many of your housing requirements, consider instead, having a home built by a residential construction company. You will have the ability to completely customize every aspect of your house, it will be move in ready upon completion, and you are likely to experience fewer housing emergencies, since everything will be brand new materials.