Why You Shouldn’t Attempt To Remove Pests On Your Own The Benefits Of A Professional Exterminator


Nothing ruins your week quite like an infestation. You’re looking forward to a peaceful weekend or a movie night with your friends…then bam. You find out you have mice holed up in your walls or a cluster of fire ants in your kitchen when you need it the least! Pest control solutions are a resource anyone struggling with unwanted guests should turn to, as a professional exterminator can ensure that any and all spontaneous visitors are kicked out for good. Whether you need a little rodent control or want to learn some tips to prevent such nasty surprises, check out the list below.


Nothing’s more shocking than seeing a mouse run across your carpet. A single year can see a female mouse having five to even 10 litters of young, each one able to hold five or six little mice just ready to wreak havoc on your home. A national study also revealed at least 80% of American homes have mouse allergens. Rodent control methods involve both preventative and immediate measures of getting mice out of your home, with some homes and their locations more prone to inviting mice inside than others.


You definitely don’t want termites. These tiny creatures are capable of completely wrecking your home’s foundation, causing thousands in property damage and even putting you at risk for injury. A survey saw 20% of homeowners saying termites were their biggest pest concerns and, according to a few estimates, nearly $2 billion are spent every single year in the United States to prevent termites. The queen of a specific termite species can even lay up to 40,000 eggs per day. Yikes! Don’t take your chances and look into local termite control if you find one of these in your home.


Don’t understimate the ant. They’re much stronger than they look! Fire ants, in particular, currently infest a whopping 14 states in the Southern area of the United States and scientists estimate there are over one million ants per person on the planet. Fire ants are characterized by their bad tempers, nasty bite and ability to create big mounds in the earth. A common way ants are attracted into the home is through leftover food on the ground. Make sweeping a regular habit and check your doors or windows for holes. You’ll keep those ants moving!


Last, but certainly not least, we have cockroaches. These critters are well-known for being incredibly tough to get rid of, with hardy physiques and plenty of stamina to spare. Many conventional bug sprays can be easily shrugged off by a cockroach and countless homeowners tear their hair in frustration trying to put a dent in their numbers. American roaches have been found to be much more active in warmer temperatures, but they’re able to survive even very cold conditions.

Use Your Pest Control Solutions

Whether you see a single roach or have noticed an unsettling ant mound a little too close to home (literally!), you’ll want to check out local pest control solutions. The problem with do-it-yourself methods is they tend to be inconsistent, sometimes missing out on a patch of eggs or a few stragglers that can simply repopulate when your back is turned. Preventative measures should be maintained, however, and you can discourage pests by regularly sweeping, vacuuming and keeping your doors and windows constantly closed. Don’t let insects or mice ruin your week. Call an exterminator and nip them in the bud!