Simple Furnace Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Now that Labor Day has come and gone, the cold weather will soon be upon us. This means that it is time to prepare your home for the winter both inside and out. One of the most important components of any home during the chilly months is the furnace. A home’s furnace and HVAC system is what keeps everyone warm and toasty, but what happens if your unit breaks down right when you need it the most?

The best way to ensure your heating unit is in great shape at all times is to invest in preventative furnace maintenance year round. That’s especially true if you live in an older home with an older furnace. To keep those winter weather furnace problems at bay, here are some maintenance tips every homeowner should know.

  • Always keep the vents open
    Some homeowners believe that if they close the vents of the rooms that they aren’t using, they’ll save more on energy costs since that room won’t be heated. This is untrue because modern heating units work by blowing warm air all throughout the home and having one large circulatory system. So if one room is blocked off, your unit may actually end up using more energy than need be.
  • Keep an eye on the pilot light
    A blue pilot light means that your furnace is working how it should. If the light is yellow or any other color, then there could be a potential carbon monoxide leak. Just keep an eye on the light regularly to minimize the risk of CO2 exposure.
  • Change the air filter every month
    Think of it this way: the cleaner the air filter, the easier your machine will run. Plus, no one wants to breathe in stale and polluted air. Write a note on your calendar for the first Saturday of every month as a reminder.
  • The minute something sounds unusual, call an emergency plumber
    Don’t wait for odd noises or smells to go away before you call a plumber. As soon as you hear banging pipes or squeaking, call a professional to check things out.

There are plenty of furnace maintenance tips to follow, but it is also important to pay attention to your machine. If you have a furnace with an AFUE rating between 90% and 95%, you may have advanced features on your machine that require extra care.