Why The Master Bathroom Is Still The Most Popular Choice For Home Renovation Projects In 2017

Kitchen counter tops

A home remodel is a way of looking at your home in a whole new light. It can breathe new life into your interior decorating and improve your mood whenever you kick up your feet after a long day. For the more financially-minded, it’s the perfect way of bolstering a lagging ROI for a sale a few years down the road. It can even be a way of getting in touch with your artistic side by getting down and dirty with color, texture and placement. You can see why a home remodel is such a useful investment for so many homeowners nowadays. What could bathroom renovations do for you?

Let’s look at some surveys and figure out the hidden potential in a new kitchen design or bathroom touch-up.

Did You Know?

There’s a reason more homeowners than ever before are contacting their local bathroom contractor. A recent study found over 70% of homeowners are finding out their bathroom hasn’t been renovated in 16 years or longer, meaning many of their appliances, tiles and design elements are woefully out-of-date. A decent 10% of new bathtubs and showers will come with a high-tech feature nowadays, but that still leaves many homes lagging behind in both the style and function department. You can see why a home remodel is such a good investment no matter where you stand.

Improve Your Interior Design In One Go

We can easily take advantage of our surroundings. There are meetings to attend to and chores to complete, after all. Our interior design, however, has a major impact on our mental wellness. A cluttered and messy environment can make us feel listless and uninterested. Likewise, a beautiful, clean and well-organized space does wonders for our productivity and sense of well-being. A 2016 HOUZZ Kitchen Trends Study saw over 60% of homeowners actively prioritizing storage over all other features in their kitchen.

No Improvement Is Too Big Or Too Small

You can go for an entirely new bathroom design or add one or two new additions. Either way you’ll have a higher ROI and a nicer living space. Nearly 90% of homeowners will change the style of their master bathroom during any upgrade, which can include switching from rustic to classical or installing a new backsplash tile in their shower. Since the bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas of the home, it stands to reason that a home remodel should always consider a shower remodel or tub remodel, too.

Check Out Basic Ideas To Get Started

Bathrooms may not be as big as your living room or dining room, but that doesn’t mean they’re less important. Over 85% of homeowners will renovate their shower first, a popular element that can be both beautiful and functional. A backsplash tile can come in a brilliant array of colors and designs to match your tiles or fit in with a new color scheme. Flooring, countertops, showers, sinks, cabinets and racks are all easy fixes that will give you your money back in no time at all.

Reach Out To A Bathroom Contractor

Do-it-yourself may be all the rage nowadays, but why put yourself at risk for wasted time and money? A contractor is a professional that knows everything about design, materials, installation and clean-up. They can walk you through your house step-by-step to figure out what you’re missing as well as give you ideas you hadn’t even considered before. The same 2016 HOUZZ Kitchen Trend Study saw an estimated 85% of homeowners actively enlisting help during a minor or major home remodel session.

Your home is just bursting with potential. Let a contractor help you realize it.