No More Dreary Basements How Basement Renovation Is Becoming The Number One Home Project

Basement renovation

Who says your basement has to be dingy and dreary?

Too often this spacious part of the home is delegated to being cold, dirty and filled with unwanted furniture. Basement remodeling can even seem like a forgotten trend! The fact of the matter is that your basement design can be a wonderful home addition cost to your ROI and general standard of living. You can sign up with a home improvement contractor to turn your basement into a rec room or take it upon yourself to brush up on some DIY home remodeling skills to impress your family. For those just starting out, here’s why a finished basement contractor could help you look at your home in a whole new way.

Nothing like a little extra cash to get you feeling motivated. Your home addition cost can benefit immensely from a basement renovation, primarily because you have a lot of space to work with and plenty of time to bring out its hidden personality. Your ROI (or ‘return on investment’) does better when you have additions that will stand the test of time. Your basement can be turned into an entertainment center, be decorated with quaint furniture or be transformed into a workshop. The sky’s the limit! But how many homeowners are taking advantage of this?

American homeowners often want the most bang for their buck. Why wouldn’t they? There are a lot of fantastic home renovation ideas that can not only make your home look good, but have you feel good. The United States Census Bureau released a few statistics on the rate of home improvement across the country and found that, out of 560,000 newly constructed single-family homes, the vast majority had a two-car garage. Another survey by Houzz and Home found two-third of homeowners planning on including a recreational area in their newly built home. Your house says a lot about you and a dirty basement is something nobody wants tarring their image.

Smart, efficient and long-term renovation is the name of the game. A recent survey found two-thirds of American homeowners actively planning a renovation to supplement their home addition cost. According to studies provided by the National Association Of Home Builders, finished basements have easily become some of the most popular projects these past few decades. Quality basement design should compliment your home’s overall style while providing something a little new. Beautiful lighting, cushy furniture and stair coverings are some of the more common choices for homeowners who want to keep things simple.

Not only can you forgo that depressing trip to the basement, your house will reap the benefits for years to come. Home Advisor discovered that the average basement remodel can have an impressive 70% ROI. One-quarter of custom built homes also include a gaming or entertainment room, to boot. If you’re a fan of throwing impromptu parties or relaxing on the sofa in front of a good movie, there’s little reason not to reach out to a finished basement contractor and ask them about their design options. You can even couple this choice with an outdoor renovation to really bring out your home’s potential.

A home renovation contractor can provide you all sorts of interesting options to clear out your basement and turn it into the best part of the house. You’ll get rid of some unwanted furniture, have another area of the home to enjoy and you may even save a little extra cash down the road when it comes to your ROI. What’s not to love? Reconsider your home addition cost this year and take your time thinking of all the ways you can remove the word ‘dreary’ and replace it with ‘brilliant’.