Wood, Planks, and Everything In Between

Plank accent wall

Every single year there are people across the United States that will decide that they want to make a change to their home. Simply put, homeowners across America really enjoy making big changes to their home. These changes can sometimes deal with the interior and make changes to individual rooms or the whole house or sometimes these changes can even involve landscaping.

Homeowners will decide to make these changes either because they want to sell their home and make money in the process or possibly because they want to improve their home. Either way, these people will most likely hire experts to help them out because they do not know the many uses of a wood plank and other wood materials. Here are all of the facts on wood and your interior renovations.

In the year of 2016, the total number of hardwood flooring sales were comprised of 49% water-based finishes and 35% oil-modified finishes. In that very same year, another report was released by hardwood floor distributors which revealed that 33% of all sales came from white oak species and 32% came from red oak species. So there is no question that the wood plank is a popular hardwood item.

People will think about getting a plank wood wall, accent wood wall, or a wood plank accent wall in the bedroom. As mentioned earlier, some homeowners will decide to add wood to their home because they want a high resell value. The National Wood Flooring Association recently revealed that 99% of all realtors believe that homes with hardwood floors are much easier to sell as opposed to homes without hardwood floors.

Another set of data released by the National Association of Realtors estimated that over half of all home buyers stated they are willing to spend more money on a home that contains wood flooring. So again, there are plenty of uses for the wood plank throughout the home in terms of improving the overall quality within. Plus, maple wood planks can come in two different forms that include both hard and soft.

The maple wood plank is one of the most popular forms of wood available throughout the United States. Right now, there are over 23 different kinds of species of Maple growing throughout just the United States and Canada. So many of the people who use maple wood planks are people who truly know a lot about interior design as it is a hot commodity.

In Conclusion

Every single year, homeowners will make the decision to make serious improvements and changes to their home. So many homeowners will decide to specifically incorporate wood into their homes in some way. This can include getting wood floors, wood walls, wood doors, or even wood kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, people may even look to go and get wood pout into their bathroom as well. So if you want wood then make sure you contact someone who can get you the best deal possible.