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What You Should Know About Caring for Your Home’s Roof

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When homes are located in areas that experience inclement weather, roofing repairs may be needed on a more frequent basis. This may particularly be the case with older roofs that haven’t been regularly inspected, maintained, or repaired as needed. In areas with high winds, storms, and hail, shingle roofs may be more susceptible to damage than roofs made of other types of materials.

How Often Roofs Should Be Inspected

It’s interesting to note that 23% of homeowners only have their roof inspected if they discover a problem. Experts indicate, however, that under normal conditions, roofs need to be inspected one or two times a year. When these homes experience heavy weather conditions, however, roof inspections should occur more frequently.

When Roofs Need Replacing

When homeowners choose or need to replace their roofs, they tend to take several factors into consideration. According to a recent consumer survey, these are the top two factors:

  • Durability