Decorate Your Home and Outdoor Entertainment Items With Custom Made Area Rugs

A recent HomeGoods survey found that just 20% of Americans were actually happy with their home’s decor. In 2018, 48% of homeowners are planning to redecorate, according to a Houzz study. Since there’s an excellent chance that you’re also planning to redecorate your home’s interior or exterior spaces, you may be interested in a few ideas.

Home Decorating Styles

Since you want your home’s decor to reflect your personality, tastes, and lifestyle, there are so many ways to manifest your vision. If you’re curious how other people within the United States have decorated their homes with a specific style, here are the results of a survey on this subject:

  • Traditional: 44%
  • Modern: 22%
  • Eclectic: 13%
  • Country: 10%
  • Global: 2%

Even though you’re basically pleased with your home’s current style, you may want to rearrange your furniture, add a few new pieces, or consider other types of decor.

Decorating With Rugs

While some homeowners may have wall-to-wall carpeting, there’s a growing preference for hardwood floors. These are much easier to keep clean and provide quite a few opportunities to decorate with area rugs. A braided rug, for example, can create a colorful accent in the kitchen, breakfast nook, or bathroom. Soft luxury rugs can also work well in the bathroom, bedroom, and entertainment area. Since these rugs can all be custom made to your preferences, just imagine the decorating opportunities! Furthermore, since rugs are decorative as well as functional, they can create everything from a cozy to an elegant environment.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

If you’re planning to upgrade your yard for entertaining, you’re not alone. According to a recent Houzz study, 56% of its participants stated that they were planning to do so as well. In addition to putting in a new patio and landscaping, you may be thinking about purchasing new outdoor furniture and custom outdoor rugs to create an attractive and relaxing space. Whether you want an area rug for your deck, patio, or gazebo, having custom outdoor rugs made is the best choice. All you need to do is take the measurements, and you can order the perfect-sized rug.