Hire a Remodeling Company For Your House

Americans who own their homes have a distinct advantage over those who rent their living space: homeowners can hire remodeling companies to modify the appearance and hardware in their houses. Home remodeling has proven widely popular, and this industry is in fact growing as young and old homeowners alike hire remodeling companies to help them with this. In particular, a design build remodeling team will help the homeowner decide what the finished result will look like, then build it. Remodeling contractors can work with tiles, wood, plumbing, electric utilities, and more to reshape any or all rooms to the homeowner’s desire. A homeowner may find such remodeling companies online, such as “remodeling contractors Portland Oregon” or something to that effect. How and why might someone hire remodeling companies to get this job done?

The Market for Home Remodeling

Many American homeowners, typically older ones, are hiring remodeling companies from coast to coast to make their home look like new. A 2017 Houzz study was done for this, and found that renovators who bought their first home in 2016 spent $33,800 or so on renovations. That’s a 22% increase from 2015’s numbers. That Houzz study also found that Americans aged 55 and up, generally Baby Boomers and the oldest of Generation X, are spending the most on such work, as they tend to have the most money saved up and are less likely to move out soon. Older Americans tend to move less often, and are slow and deliberate about buying and selling real estate property. Still, those of the Millennial generation, born 1982-1995, are starting to catch up as they get older, and more of them than ever are buying houses and hiring remodeling companies for them. They are a minority in the real estate market and renovation market, but within the next decade, they may make up a larger percentage. It’s likely that within 15-20 years, a similar trend will play out for those of the younger Generation Z, born 1996-2010. Young or old, an American homeowner should hire the best remodeling companies for the job. What can they expect from this expense?

Getting the Remodelers on the Job

One of the most attractive parts of hiring remodeling companies is not just the remodeled room or house itself, but the return on investment, or ROI. The homeowner will of course enjoy the results of remodeling, but so will the next homeowner, too. When a house has been remodeled, the owner can put a higher price on it in the real estate market, allowing such work to pay for itself. A ROI as high as 70-80% may be expected for kitchen or bathroom remodeling, for example. Remodeled rooms may make the property more attractive to buyers and allow it to sell faster. Landscaping may have a similar effect.

As mentioned earlier, interested homeowners may consult the Internet and local hardware store staff alike to find some local remodeling companies who can help them. A good contractor team will have its own website, where up to date articles, videos, and images will showcase their work. A homeowner may browse a few options before they settle on a contractor team to hire.

Such professionals can remake or replace nearly any item or surface in the rooms of the house. In the kitchen, for example, flooring contractors can remove old tiles or linoleum and replace it all with newer materials, and plumbers may replace the old sink with a new one. Even the countertop might be removed, and an attractive one made of tough granite or marble can take its place. The cabinet doors may be replaced, or at least refinished and repainted of need be. The stove or fridge may also be replaced with newer models. Many homeowners report a renewed interest in cooking after kitchen remodeling, which is often the point.

The bathroom can be remodeled too, with low-flow toilets, sinks, faucets, and tubs replacing the old ones. The floor tiles can be replaced, and the walls can be repainted or the lighting fixture can be updated, too. In a bedroom, the closet’s wooden frame can be replaced or the windows updated, and an old carpet can be replaced with a new one. New furniture may be added later.