Radon Testing A Guide To Choosing The Right Radon Testing Contractor

Radon gas is one of the most harmful gases. Close to 20,000 cases of lung cancer each year result from radon gas. However, scientists estimate that deaths resulting from lung cancer can be minimized by 2%-4% or about 5,000 deaths, by simply lowering radon gas levels in homes that have exceeded the normal EPA’s action level. The process of mitigating levels of this hazardous gas is first through testing and inspection. You have to know the levels of radon gas levels to bring on board a reliable radon mitigation company to get rid of this gas. For testing, you will need to work with the right radon testing company. The process of finding one such firm can be daunting in case you do not have reliable guiding tips to follow.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Radon Contractor

Provision Of A Guarantee

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advises taking action to minimize radon gas in homes with a radon level at or over 4 picocuries per liter of air. Therefore, the radon contractor on board should promise to reduce the radon gas level in your house. This will give you the confidence to work with a radon testing company that guarantees such an outcome. This is why you need to assess the various radon testing companies at your disposal to properly select one that will give you value for your money in terms of providing the best radon testing services.

Experience Level Of The Radon Contractor

Working with a qualified and experienced radon contractor ensures you have the right professional on board to offer you the best radon testing services. The expert will then advise on which mitigation services or company to work with in order to get rid of this dangerous gas. To get an experienced radon contractor, some of the factors you have to consider include academic qualifications and the reputation of the contractor over the years in terms of rendering radon testing services.

Get A Licensed Radon Contractor

A licensed radon contractor is not only qualified but also legally compliant. This means working with such a contractor does not put you in a position to break the law. In your search for a radon testing expert, you must check if all your options have a license. Those who are not licensed are a no-go zone. In doing so you will avoid the expensive and time-consuming legal battles.

The Cost Of Hiring The Radon Contractor

Hiring a radon contractor can be very expensive. Different radon testing companies have set various prices for any customer who wants the radon testing services of their experts. It is very important to compare the different prices to ensure you get a radon contractor you can easily afford. However, as you get reasonable prices for hiring the contractor you must also ensure you get the right kind of services. This is why you will need to also consider the qualification and experience level of the professional you are bringing on board. But always ensure you do not spend quite a fortune on hiring the radon testing contractor.

Reliable References

Relying on views of the previous customers will go a long way in ensuring you get that reliable radon testing contractor. You will get important information from customers who have had first-hand experience with the radon testing services you are seeking. In that regard, you can easily tell which radon testing company will give you the best services. This is because from the assessment of the reviews you get from pastor clients you can easily get to know which radon testing companies will serve you well. Therefore, you are able to make an informed hiring decision.


Getting the best radon testing companies is not a walk into the park. There are several important factors you need to put into consideration. For instance, getting an experienced radon contractor, prices, read online reviews and ensure the radon testing company you are bringing on board is experienced in offering such services. Thorough testing will be carried out and the accurate levels of the radon gas in your house will be recorded. After that, you can get the most competent radon mitigation company to get rid of this dangerous gas. This will ensure your household is safe and healthy.