Hydroseeding 101 The Basics of Hydroseeding

A popular way to get a new lawn started is hydroseeding. Instead of just using hunks of sod or a bag of seeds, it consists of a slurry laid directly on bare ground. The slurry consists of a mix of seed, biostimulants, fertilizer, wood fiber mulch, and plenty of water. Except for the water, the slurry provides all the ingredients needed for a lush, green lawn.

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Who Puts the Slurry In Place?

Hydroseeding can be done by professional lawn care services or by homeowners. It does require a time commitment, since it needs watering two or three times a day. Each time, watering needs to be for ten to 20 minutes. These frequent waterings need to be done for a few weeks or a few months. Some lawns see rapid growth in as little as a week, but most do not. In a month, the grass should be tall enough to mow.

Lawn Health

The main advantage of hydroseeding versus more traditional means of getting a lawn started is that hydroseeded lawns are healthier in the long run. They are better able to stop erosion than lawns laid with just seed or with sod. Lawns grow without the patches of bare ground that new lawns tend to get with sod or with seed.