Why You Should Hire a Handyman

A lot of people put home projects off, because they all just seem to add up and feel bigger and more expensive than they really are. Bathroom caulking for example is something many just don’t feel like calling a bathtub repair service for, or doing themselves, because it looks like a day-long project. Any minor bathtub repair service however can be bundled into a day’s work when you have the right handyman.

Video Source

Watch Bill Cone Mr. Handyman here, talk about how much easier and more affordable it is to bundle handyman services to complete a number of odd jobs around the house in just a few hours.

Here, Mr. Handyman and his team tackle several jobs in one home in less than half a day. They fill in holes after replaced blinds, re-attach a baseboard to a kitchen island, retexture a water leak, and caulked a number of bathtubs in the home. Mr. Handyman says that if you bundle your odd jobs into one day with the same contractor, you will get more done for less money.