Facts About HVAC You Need Before Your Service

In this YouTube video, HVAC Shop Talk discusses how HVAC apprentices can benefit from learning installation techniques and the service side of maintaining HVAC systems. Knowing both sides allows a technician to understand what may be causing the real trouble with the HVAC system faster and provides a more knowledgeable experience for the customer.

An apprentice should understand what makes good airflow and understand the formula behind the air filter’s size for a given HVAC setup. Knowing the formula helps a technician realize what should be tested first based on the symptoms presented.

Consider reading the user manual and documentation related to the HVAC set and model.

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The more a technician reads this documentation, the more it helps the technician store up specialty knowledge to find and fix component problems faster. A unit can be moved a certain length closer or farther from the house, depending on the make and model. Being familiar with the documentation increases knowledge surrounding vents, vent types, spacing, and clearance types.

Doing HVAC installation services and regular maintenance of the units brings a more credible wealth of knowledge for the HVAC technician. The customer may feel the technician is an expert, allows the technician to make more money over their career lifetime, and increases brand trust in the company that sends the technician out.