How Much Is Too Much? Leaf Gutter Guard Cost

Leaf gutter guards are an imperative item needed for a home. How do you know what is too high a price to pay for your gutter guards? This video talks about what is too much to pay to have leaf gutters put on your roof.

In order to protect the roof on your home, you need to install leaf gutter guards. However, some contractors will try to charge you up to 600% of their cost to put them in. As the homeowner, you should only be paying between $12 and $20 per square foot to have them installed.

Video Source

The person in this video is very honest about what is too much for leaf guard cost. He mentions if someone tries to charge more than $20 per square foot, you need to get another estimate.

The cost of leaf gutters is only one important factor. You need to also ensure you are getting a quality gutter to preserve and protect your roof. If you shop around, you will eventually find a contractor who is willing to give you a good deal.