What To Look For in a Roofing Company

Finding a roofing company is easy. Finding a good roofing company takes a bit of work. However, this work will repay itself in getting a quality roof at a good price that lasts for decades and greatly improves the value of your home.

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Here are tips from Roofcrafters on how to find the right roofers for you.

Are They Insured?

Not all states require roofers to be licensed. However, all good roofing companies are insured. Working on roofs is highly dangerous. Roofing companies need insurance to protect their workers from any injuries that could occur on your property. Insurance also protects you from any lawsuits from any angry, injured roofing employee. Ask about the roofer’s insurance company. Call that company to confirm that the roofer is telling the truth.

Check the BBB

Once you get the roofing company’s name, check it with your local Better Business Bureau’s website. Look to see if there are any complaints about the roofer and if the complaints were ever resolved.

Get Written Estimates

All estimates need to be written and itemized in detail. This protects you from any sticker shock. Get at least three estimates. You can use the estimate from one roofer to see if another roofer may come down in price. No roofer should give you a verbal estimate and expect you to agree to that.