Choosing an Insulation Installer

In this video, you will learn about an insulation contractor. This video will go through some insulation tips. Insulation slows or stops the transfer of heat.

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Heat always wants to go to cold. Some insulation is blown through a gun and it is treated with insecticide and fire retardent. Insulation expands. It goes in as a liquid, and then you shave off the excess. Fiberglass insulation is very common across the country. It should be put into the stud pay loosely, not packed tight. This will stabilize the insulation. Air can contain vapor. Warm air is filled with moisture. What can happen is that the vapor can collect on the underside of the insulation. The stud bay can breathe in the summertime. It will slow the vapor transfer on the other side. This type of insulation is dense, so it does not need an air barrier. Whether or not you need an air barrier will be dependent on where you live in the country. The biggest drawback is cost. It is double the cost. There are many different types of insulation. Keep watching this video for more information on how insulation works and which type is right for your home.