How to Control Pests at Home

In this video, you will learn about pest control. Talstar P is the first product he is discussing. The main ingredient is bifenthrin.

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You’ll see a bunch of reviews saying to buy one off-brand. It does not work anywhere as well. This pesticide covers a wide array of bugs that it targets. You should put it in the garden sprayer and mix it with water. The ratios for water to chemicals are different for each type of bug. All entry points should be considered for bugs. Any crevis you can see for a possible entry by a bug, go ahead and spray. Make sure if you are spraying it indoors you put all living things in a different room that is not being treated. The chemical is not toxic to them as long as it has had time to dry. The next product is Amdro seed. It can be rolled out into a garden rolling tool. This pesticide treats a lot of different types of bugs. For more of your popular fertilizer spreaders, it will give you the settings. A good time to put this down on the ground is right before it rains.