Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit for Beginners

This video walks beginners through the steps of building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). The overview is a helpful guide to the process, which you may find helpful if you’ve never had a project like this.

You may be wondering what, exactly, an accessory dwelling unit is.

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The term is used to describe any secondary dwelling that is constructed on a property. If you’ve ever dreamed of building an apartment over your detached garage or adding an in-law suite to your backyard, these would be considered accessory dwelling units.

Building an ADU on your property is not a straightforward process. There are a lot of legal and zoning requirements to build one the right way. Hiring a contractor who has proven accessory dwelling unit experience is essential to your project’s success. The ins and outs of the details can be confusing for a new contractor, so experience is a must.

Depending on your location, the state and local laws may vary greatly when it comes to building your accessory dwelling unit. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the particulars of your local ADU requirements. This is yet another reason why it is best to work with a contractor who has ADU experience, as they will be able to confidently navigate and guide you through the process.