What Kinds of Septic Tank Cleaners Do the Professionals Use

Having trouble with your septic tank? Need a solution right away? The Youtube Channel, FLUSH TIME, demonstrates the effectiveness of five different septic tank cleaners in under four minutes.

Each septic cleaner is tested by exposing it to cat food, toilet paper, and oil all mixed with water. Each concoction is then left for a total of 17 days for the cleaners to implement their effects.

Video Source

While effective in certain ways, most septic tank cleaners tested resulted in high water turbidity, such as the RidX, Cabin Obsession, and Green Gobbler brands. Having a low water turbidity is ideal if you want your septic system to remain unclogged.

One top contender is Green Pig, which kept the turbidity low. However, a lot of waste doesn’t dissolve, and that can cause major backups in any septic tank.

The winner of the bunch is the FLUSH TIME brand. It kept the water turbidity low and a large portion of the waste was dissolved. This brand also comes with convenient capsules that you can add to your septic system every month, so you’ll gain confidence knowing your septic tank will remain clean throughout the year.