Is It Possible to Renovate a Fire Damaged Home

This video discusses buying a property for renovations that has fire damage. There is no limit to the amount of damage fire, and smoke can cause. In addition, the water used to put out the fire also causes additional damage.

This video outlines three simple steps to help you when you are considering buying a fire damaged property.

The first step is to take a breath when looking at these properties.

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You know there is going to be damage and problems as a result of the fire damage. Next, you need to handle the demo and cleanup work to get the property back down to a clean slate. Finally, you can contact fire and water damage restoration professionals to clean out the property thoroughly. Remove everything that has been damaged.

The next step is you must use a licensed and insured general contractor that can do the work for you. Again, this is not the place to attempt to save money.

The last step is to do a complete rehab of the property, just like you would if it was not a fire damaged property.