Basement Dewatering System Installation

If you are the homeowner of a house that has a basement, it is essential to take proper precautions to avoid flooding. It is just as important to prevent any moisture from getting into the basement because otherwise mold could grow and create health problems among others. As such, basement dewatering systems will go in a long way in helping to maintain the dryness of your basement. In this video, you will learn about a basement dewatering system installation so that you can know what to expect.

Video Source

To begin, the concrete of the floor will be drilled all around the basement to make room for the system. It’s important to dig deep enough for the system to be effective. With weep holes drilled into the walls, water will begin to pour into the newly dug trench. The video will explain why this happens. A pipe can then be installed and the trench covered up. The pipe will take care of the water.