What Should You Expect When You Get Your Septic Tank Pumped

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that septic tanks be pumped out every three to five years. Kerkstra Septic Tank Cleaning describes what you should expect when you get your septic tank pumped.

The employee that comes to pump your septic tank will first ask you if you need septic repair. If you are having any issues, now is the time to bring them up, since an empty tank is the best time to check for problems and do repairs.

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You also need to tell the employee if you have one or two tanks.

The employee will locate your underground septic tank with a prod. The prod makes a certain noise when it hits the tank. The dirt or sod will be dug up to expose the tank. The hole will be about 18 x 18 inches wide. The employee will replace this after working on your septic tank.

The access hole lid is removed. The container truck is moved as close as possible to the access hole. A hose is placed in the access hole. The truck then pumps out the septic tank. The tank’s components are checked to see if they are working properly, then the employee cleans up.