Basic Interior Painting Tips

Do you have a room you need to paint? Consider an interior painting service for efficient and high-quality service. If you have decided to do the painting yourself, follow these tips in this video for the process.

Prep is the most important part of painting. Ensure you will not run out of paint either.

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The rule for this is that one gallon will cover 400 square feet. Work from the top down, finishing with the trim. Be sure to open a window for ventilation. Dip the brush a third of the way into the bucket and then tap off the excess on the sides. Hold the brush like a pencil and paint with smooth strokes. If using a rolling pin, start with dampening the roller pin with a cloth. Dip the roller just a little in the paint and roll it around to even it out. Avoid submerging the roll into the paint. Additionally, do not press and squeeze the roller to get more point.

If you are planning to paint again the next day, you can store the roller in a plastic bag in the fridge. Remove any painters tip shortly after drying.