How to Identify Wildlife by Sounds of Scratches

Do you think you have a pest control problem? Are you hearing noises in your walls and ceilings and want to know where they are coming from? In this video, you will learn how to identify the creature based on the sounds.

The biggest one, raccoons, makes a noise that sounds like an actual person is walking around. You cannot mix it with any other species due to their slow and heavy movement.

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Squirrels are a lot more erratic. They are running and scurrying around- mostly early in the morning and evening. Squirrels will come and go and leave during the day to find food and then come back at night. A tiny scratching that is typically isolated to one area is usually a mice problem. If you bang on that wall, mice will usually stop what they are doing out of fear. Squirrels on the other hand will react to the bang and might even scream. When it comes to bats, you will see them more than you can hear them. This is because they are up higher in the attics and such. With bats, it is a visible aspect because they may intrude on your living space by flying around at night.