Cheap at Home Fence Installation

This video will show you a cost-effective fence installation technique. Fence installation can be an effortless and enjoyable activity to undertake by yourself. You only need to learn a few steps to save the money you would have spent hiring professional installers. The first thing to do in a home fence installation project is to mark out the string lines.

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String lines will help you align your fence to the hilly areas of your terrain.

You can then uniformly space out the places you will dig the post-holes. Use your hand or a post-hole digger to create your holes. Place your posts into the holes while watering them at the bottom using a garden hose, drenching the soil. Fill the holes up with concrete but not to the brim. Pour water into the concrete while stirring to eliminate any air bubbles.

You can then cover the tiny space left at the top of each hole with soil for a better visual appearance. Using a tape measure, identify the places you want to fit your horizontal planks. Screw the planks in alignment with your terrain. Install fence slats and a gate to achieve a stunning finish. .