How to Properly Pressure Wash Your House

You might spend some time each day cleaning the inside of your house, doing tasks like dishes, laundry, and dusting. However, the exterior of your home is usually neglected. Your house can get dirty due to weather conditions, kids playing with water balloons, mud, and chalk. A pressure washer is the most suitable way to clean the exterior of your house. This method works efficiently and gets the job done quite fast.

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Power washing a house is a fantastic way to clean and brighten the outside of a house quickly and cheaply. This treatment helps get rid of mold and mildew, which can cause damage to the exterior or leave stains that are hard to cover up. You can rent or buy a simple pressure washing machine, and the job can be done in a few hours!

These simple steps will help you clean your house appropriately. First, scrub and rinse your house siding to remove surface debris. You’ll need to fill up your pressure washer with detergent. Start spraying your house siding and work from the bottom upwards to prevent soap from running over dry spots. Then, rinse the entire house after 10 minutes to ensure the detergent has been fully utilized. Let the house dry.