How to Clean Different Pieces of Bathroom Furniture

Cleaning your bathroom can be a chore, especially with different kinds of bathroom furniture needing different things. If you’re confused about how to clean your bathroom properly, you’re in the right place. Here are some tips to help you clean all of your bathroom furniture with ease.

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The first and most important place to start is your toilet. When cleaning any toilet, you’ll want to start with the lid first. The lid can get surprisingly dirty, so make sure you’re thorough! Use your favorite bathroom cleaner and spray your toilet from top to bottom. Wipe away the spray with each section you finish, all the way from the top of the tank to the base. Remember to clean the bowl, as well.

For the shower and bathtub, focus most of your energy on the walls, especially if they’re tiled. Grime can get wedged in the grout and make your life a nightmare if you’re not careful. To clean the tiled effectively, simply use a grime-stopping cleaning solution and the rough side of a kitchen sponge. This will ensure your tiles look great.

Cleaning your bathroom and the furniture within it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. With the right tools and knowledge of what takes priority, you should be left with a sparkling clean bathroom in no time.