How to Create Resale Value with Your Landscaping

Home ownership is all about maintaining your home and making smart investments to boost resell value. Landscaping is a great way to improve curb appeal and make your home more valuable. Here are three tips for homeowners that any certified local arborist would recommend in order to enhance curb appeal with landscaping:

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  1. Well-Maintained Lawn: A lush, well-maintained lawn forms the foundation of an attractive landscape. Regular mowing, edging, and watering can keep the grass looking healthy and green. Removing weeds and debris from the lawn also adds to its neat appearance.
  2. Colorful Flower Beds and Planters: Incorporating colorful flowers and plants in flower beds and planters can instantly brighten up the exterior of a home. Choose a variety of plants with different blooming seasons to ensure continuous bursts of color throughout the year.
  3. Defined Pathways and Borders: Clearly defined pathways and borders can give a structured and polished look to the landscape. Install edging materials, such as bricks, stones, or pavers, along pathways and flower beds for a clean and finished appearance.

By focusing on these landscaping aspects, homeowners can significantly boost curb appeal. When selling a house, great landscapes helps to create an inviting first impression of the property. Even if you’re not selling, having a beautiful yard will just increase your quality of life. Check out the video today and get started!