What Services Should Schedule for This Summer?

When planning for home renovations, we often get carried away by the design, materials, and cost considerations and forget the most crucial thing— the weather. The truth is that you cannot conduct a roof replacement during a rainy season. Therefore, summer is usually the perfect season for most home improvement projects. Below are some high end renovations you can schedule for this summer.

Roof Replacement

Do you have a leaking roof? Or is it showing signs of aging? If yes, it might be time for a roof replacement, then this summer is the perfect time to complete this high end home renovation project. Compared to other seasons, summer offers more favorable weather conditions for roof replacement.

For instance, the days are usually longer. Meaning you’ll have more time to complete your roof replacement. Also, it’s easier to predict summer weather conditions than other seasons because the weather is more stable. Therefore, your roofing contractor can effectively schedule their work and complete the renovation without weather interruptions.

Replacing your roof in summer allows you to address existing issues or potential vulnerabilities before harsher winter, fall, or spring weather conditions kick in. Installing a new roof ensures adequate protection against the elements. This renovation also extends your roof’s durability and adds value to your home.

However, it’s worth noting that summer can present extreme heat that could pose a challenge during roof replacements. Therefore, you must take precautions like wearing appropriate gear to ensure safety. Also, hiring a residential roofing contractor might be ideal for your roof replacement in the summer.

Garage Door Repairs

The average garage door has a lifespan of 15-20 years. The longevity varies depending on the materials used, among other factors. Regardless, performing regular maintenance and repairs is essential to keep your garage door sturdy and functional. You can take advantage of the summer weather to repair your garage door. It’s the perfect time to complete your annual garage door maintenance before winter storms and busy fall days.

One of the top reasons you should repair your garage door during summer is the effect of heat on the door. For instance, if your garage door is uninsulated, it can heat up to 100 degrees. This temperature change may impact the operation of your garage door and its ability to keep your valuables safe. Therefore, you should inspect your garage door throughout the summer and address issues promptly.

Additionally, the hot weather can cause the paint on your garage door to fade, diminishing its aesthetic appeal. This happens mostly on wooden garage doors. Therefore, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to maintain your garage door’s aesthetic appeal. Don’t forget to hire experienced garage door repair contractors for this task.

Cabinet Installation

Cabinet installation is also among the high end renovations to check out this summer. This season offers more comfortable working conditions than colder months, allowing you to work more efficiently. You also get to enjoy extended daylight hours that bring more natural light, giving you an easy time to complete your cabinet installation.

Many homeowners chose to complete larger high end renovations in autumn after their long vacations. As a result, kitchen remodeling contractors are often overwhelmed with work and unavailable for your project. But in summer, there’s not much work for the contractors. Therefore, it will be easier to find a contractor to install your kitchen cabinets. Plus, the cost will likely be low due to the reduced demand.

Additionally, summer is often a vacation month for most families. Therefore, this might also be a good time to schedule your cabinet installation this summer. Remember, the installation might cause some inconveniences in your home. Plus, you don’t want your kids running up and down to disrupt ongoing work.

Therefore, you can send your family on vacation to give your contractors ample time to complete the installation. And you don’t have to be present yourself. Instead, you just need to hire professional custom cabinet designers you trust and leave them to complete the work.

Tree Removals

Timing is an essential consideration when it comes to removing trees. This is because different seasons present different challenges to the tree removal process. Therefore, choosing the right time or season to remove trees can significantly impact the safety, cost, and success of the removal. Summer is one of the best seasons for cheap tree removals.

The tree removal process sometimes requires the use of heavy machinery and equipment. And since the ground is often drier in summer, heavy machinery can easily access the tree and remove it safely. This helps minimize or prevent damage to your property during the tree removal process.

What’s more, the weather is often more predictable, allowing you to complete the tree removal without any disruptions. However, do not attempt to DIY the tree removal process unless you have adequate skills and equipment. Instead, hire a certified and experienced arborist or tree removal professional. These professionals will evaluate the site conditions, assess the tree, and offer expert advice on the best timing for the process based on your specific circumstances.

Patio Building

Having a patio can significantly impact your home’s value. Many homebuyers consider homes with patios and are willing to pay more for the same. Therefore, if you don’t have a patio yet, you might want to build one this summer. A well-designed patio offers a good space for entertainment. Since summer is usually hot, you’ll likely be spending most of your time outdoors, and there’s no better place to enjoy your time outdoors than on a patio.

So why should you build your patio this summer? First, summer comes with longer days, perfecting for completing high end renovations like building patios. Therefore, you’ll have more time (and adequate natural light) to complete your project in the summer. Plus, the weather is highly predictable. So you’re sure it’s not going to rain or snow. If you’re building a concrete patio, you’ll benefit from the dry weather, allowing for efficient work and faster drying times.

Also, outdoor furniture and patio accessories are often on sale or readily available in stores during summer. Therefore, you can take advantage of the seasonal sales to furnish and decorate your newly built patio. The costs will be much lower compared to other seasons. Remember to seek professional patio building services to ensure the durability of your patio.


Landscaping is also among the high end renovations you should schedule for this summer, and the reasons are clear. First, summer is a season for relaxing and vacationing. But landscaper services shouldn’t bar you from having a great time with your family.

You can hire a professional landscaping company and go out on vacation. You just have to find the right landscaper, discuss your plan, requirements, and budget, and leave for your vacation. The landscaper will install and design your dream outdoor space while you’re away, spending quality time with your kids. And when your vacation ends, you’ll find your landscaping done.

Since you (and your kids) will be away, the landscaper will have adequate time and freedom to design your landscape without worrying about kids running around. Another advantage of installing your landscape in summer is that you can easily find a professional landscaper to complete the project. Most landscapers are available during summer because the demand for their services is less. You could also complete your project at a reduced cost.

What’s more, scheduling your landscaping during summer can be a great gift and surprise to your family. All you have to do is find a landscaper, discuss all the requirements, and leave for your vacation. You can imagine how your kids will feel when they see their homes significantly transformed after their vacation.

Fence Installation

Fencing installations are high end renovations that require careful planning. So, if you’re thinking of installing a new fence, you might want to do it this summer. But why should you fence your property in the first place?

First, a well-installed fence adds privacy and security to your home. Therefore, if you have nosy neighbors, a fence might help keep their prying eyes off your property. This is ideal, especially in summer when you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors. A fence allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about anyone watching you.

Also, if you live in an area prone to wildlife and unwanted visitors, a fence installation might be ideal this summer. The fence will create a barrier between your property and any unwanted visitors or animals who might want to access your home.

Additionally, some schools close for summer, which is why most families plan for vacations during these hot months. To prevent your kids or pets from leaving your home, you may want to schedule a fencing installation this summer. The same applies if you’re planning a vacation. You want to ensure no one will access your home while you’re away.

Swimming Pool Installation

Anything that cools your body is valuable in summer. Therefore, one of the top high end renovations to complete this summer is swimming pool installation. Summer brings more predictable weather, minimizing weather-related delays. Remember, swimming pool installation requires excavation, which should be done when the ground is dry.

Having a swimming pool also makes your property valuable. Many homeowners will consider properties with swimming pools, especially during summer. Therefore, if you want to sell your home faster and at a higher price, consider installing a swimming pool.

However, you want to schedule your swimming pool installation in late summer. This is because immediately summer rolls in the demand for inground swimming pool contractors goes up. Therefore, it’s harder to find a contractor to install your swimming pool. And if you find one, the costs will be significantly higher. Plus, contractors are struggling to meet everyone’s needs, so they won’t do a perfect job.

AC Replacement

Summer is the season your AC system works the hardest to keep your home cool. However, if your current cooling system is inefficient or old, you might want to replace it this summer. It’s among the high end renovations to complete before the hotter months arrive. By replacing your AC system with a new, more efficient model, you’ll enjoy better and more consistent cooling performance and increased home comfort.

New AC systems are designed to be more energy-efficient, offering cost savings and your energy bills. They utilize advanced technology and enhanced efficiency standards, leading to reduced energy consumption. Therefore, an air conditioning replacement in summer might be a cost-saving move.

Additionally, new HVAC models are more reliable than their old counterparts. Old units may struggle to regulate the high temperatures and keep your home cool and comfortable. Worse, they are prone to malfunctions or breakdowns. But you don’t want unexpected breakdowns and inconveniences caused by your AC system, right? So why not replace the systems this summer?

Windows and Doors Replacement

Closing our list of the top high end renovations to schedule for this summer is window and door replacement. Summer typically provides excellent weather conditions for door and window replacements. The longer summer days facilitate quick door and window installations.

Remember, door and window replacement may open your home to the elements. So, when it’s rainy or extremely cold outside, the indoor temperature and environment will replicate the same. Summer provides good weather for most outdoor high end renovations.

Moreover, it’s much easier to schedule a door or window replacement in summer due to the increased availability of contractors. Also, you can easily find all the materials required from a windows and doors company at reduced prices.

So, whether you’re considering replacing your old doors and windows or upgrading to more functional and energy-efficient options, summer is the right season to complete this project.

Summer is a season for vacationing and spending quality time away from home. However, it can still be an excellent time to schedule your high end renovations. The warm weather and longer days allow you to complete your projects more efficiently. Also, since most families are away, it’s easier to find a contractor to help you with your home renovations.